Republic Of Tunisia


Candidate for the post of Director of
Telecommunication Standardization Bureau

ITU 2023-2026

Relevant, Inclusive, and Transformational Standards.

Vision Statement

Relevant, Inclusive, and Transformational Standards
During the next four years, I see the following imperatives for ITU and TSB :

  1. ITU-T to continue providing a neutral and impartial platform, collaborating with other standards development organizations and UN agencies, and ensuring the Union unity through a consensus-based process.
  2. Inclusion remains a high priority by increasing gender balance in staff and delegates;  through bridging the standardization gap to effectively contribute to the WSIS Tunis action lines and achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs); and by providing accessibility for persons with disabilities and persons with specific needs.
  3. ITU-T to quickly react and adapt to the ever-changing information and communication technologies landscape in order to develop timely and relevant international standards.
  4. TSB to play a key role in transparently providing the required data and guidance to help membership find the optimal structure for the years to come.
  5. The new ITU building in Geneva requires a careful management of the transition period to ensure continuity of service to membership, and is an opportunity for accelerating ITU digital transformation, and increasing ITU’s environmental sustainability.
  6. Considering COVID-19 and its aftermath, continue the innovations in  working methods to efficiently support ITU standards development.

All these imperatives for the ITU require a trusted, innovative, and experienced leader for TSB who deeply understands the technologies being standardized, who practiced the ITU standards development processes, who has the required trust, diplomacy, and neutrality to help finding consensus among membership, who is capable to understand the diverse needs of developing and developed countries and can communicate clearly in multiple languages of the union,  and also who has demonstrated management capabilities of the ITU staff and the scarce financial resources.

If elected, I will strive for an ITU-T that develops relevant international standards for interoperable networks and services to connect the world and continue enabling the digital transformation through an inclusive, collaborative,  and efficient standardization process, balancing the needs of developing and developed countries as well as large and small private sector stakeholders; leading TSB staff in a team formation with the other ITU elected officials through competence, integrity, transparency, and accountability.


Candidate for the post of Director of  Telecommunication Standardization Bureau


Candidat au poste de Directeur du Bureau de la Normalisation des Télécommunications